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marți, 16 august 2016

ImportFromXlsx 3.4

- lcTableName has the same effect for cursors and tables
- check lcTableName for reserved characters (like :/\ and so on)
- small correction in error messages
(thanks to Koen Piller)

Download link
Import from xlsx 3.4

luni, 15 august 2016


A function used to import data from a calc doument (OpenOffice or LibreOffice spreadsheet)
The data are extracted directly from the document.
No automation, no ODBC are used.

- return the name of the generated  DBF / cursor; the same name with de ods / SYS(2015)
- analyze the first (imported) row of the ods table and get the number of columns and data types from this row
- creates a DBF / cursor (according to the sixth parameter)
- and populate this DBF with data from the ods
- when parameter lnHeader between 1 and lnStartRows the field names are taken from that row of the table, otherwise the fields are named mField1,mField2 and so on
- a field is considered of type date, if CTOD() is not empty; SET DATE must be set properly, to import the date and datetime values
- the decimal separator is taken from SET POINT TO
- a field is considered of type number, if contains only digits, and no more than a decimal separator, and no more than one + or - (either one +, either one -) in the leftmost position
- the size and precision of the numeric field is calculated with MAX(LEN(ALLTRIM(cell value))), respectively with MAX(LEN(ALLTRIM(cell value))-AT(decimal separator,ALLTRIM(cell value))
- a field is considered logical if the cell contains "true" or "false"
- the length of character fields is MAX(LEN(cell value))
- if MAX(LEN(cell value)) > 254 or contains at least one CHR(13), the field is MEMO

Download link
Import From Openoffice Calc 1.0

ImportFromXlsx 3.3

New parameter
    name of the dbf    ; optional ; default '' (? for SaveAs)

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Import from xlsx 3.3

duminică, 12 iunie 2016

vineri, 10 iunie 2016

InspectPptx 1.0

A class that allows previewing the tables contained in a PowerPoint document.

Select the desired file (pptx document) and browse through its slides and its tables
Please read InspectPptx.txt

Download link
InspectPptx 1.0

InspectDocx 1.0

A class that allows previewing the tables contained in a Word document.

Select the desired file (docx document) and browse through its tables
Please read InspectDocx.txt

Download link
InspectDocx 1.0

AppendFromPptx 1.0

First Version
- The number of columns is not depending anymore on the firs row (read all cell, no matter how the first row is)
- Process complex tables layout, with merged cells (merged cells are placed in the right columns)
- Letters with accents are correctly imported (apply STRCONV() to strings - suggested by Koen Piller)
- Messages in DUTCH (suggested by Koen Piller)

While Import creates a new table, Append add records to an existing table

Download link
 AppendFromPptx 1.0